Saturday, August 9, 2014

Slatwall Panels

Slatwall Panels

For many years the Slatwall Panel has been used to cover the walls on mostly high end stores.  Now that Slatwall Panels have became more affordable then ever a lower end store can look more like a high end store.

A Slatwall Panel is basically a 4 X 8 sheet of particle board panel with slat grooves cut into it.  The grooves can be cut in either a 3" on center pattern or a 6" on center pattern.  Plastic or Aluminum inserts can be installed into the groove to provide more strength and stability to the grooves for hanging heavier items.

What makes the use of these panels so popular is they can be covered with many different types of coverings for most any store designs anyone can think of.  Most of the coverings colors and patterns can be matched to other fixtures in a store that will make a store more uniquely attractive to a customer.

Many different accessories are available for a Slatwall Panel for hanging bagged items or goods on a slatwall peg hook, a unique shelf system can be configured on Slatwall creating a large section of wall shelving that will not take a lot of store space, hangers for all types of Clothing, T-Shirts and Ball Caps.

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